Commission A Portrait

I require a 30% non-refundable booking fee to secure your portrait.  Once we select a picture and I submit an outline to you for your approval, 45% of the balance is due to start your piece, within 48 hours of receiving your outline.  If the payment is not made promptly, I’ll start on the next portrait and completion of your portrait will fall behind the piece I started working on.  the remaining 25% balance will become due within 48 hours after its completion notice is sent to you.  All portraits that are not paid in full past 72 hours after its completions, without prior arrangements, may be placed up for public sale.  I work one portrait at a time.  It may take several weeks to months to start a portrait, this depends on how many commissions I have booked, also completion can take a few weeks to a month (sometimes longer) depending on how much detail needs to go into the piece.  I will keep you updated every step of the way.  Once I start your portrait, I work it to completion and give it my 100% attention.  No other artwork is started until your portrait is completed.  Please remember there are other people behind you on my waiting list that are waiting on you so I can start their portrait(s).  Please respond promptly to all communications, thank you.

I work from good quality digital photographs.  I am happy to receive as many photos as you would like to send me and then we can work together to select the best picture for your portrait.  I realize that some portraits may be memorials and good quality pictures may not be available.  I will work from a poorer quality photo but please understand the portrait will be slightly less detailed.  (Please see photo tips at the bottom of this page.)

Reserving Your Portrait Space

Please contact me to book your portrait or be placed on my waiting list.  (I will book from my waiting list first before opening up my book if my book is currently closed.)  Please get in touch with me as soon as possible if you wish to have a portrait done before a certain date.  The waiting time could be 6-12 months depending on the waiting list.

*Please Note:  All portraits are displayed on social media and other public places where I display my artwork.  If your portrait is a gift, please inform me when placing your deposit so I don’t spoil the surprise and post before the gift is given.  Portrait progress can be followed on my social media pages, websites, etc.  For gift portraits, progress can be followed by either private email or text message.  Gift portraits will be displayed either 30 days after completion or the day after we set that your gift will be given.

*Please Keep in Mind:  This is a drawing and may not exactly match the photograph, but I will do my best to get them as close as I can.

Portrait Prices

Prices are based on one subject, for additional animals please contact me for an individual quote.  Thank you.  Sizes are based on paper size.  Your portrait will be a good size within the paper area.  If you would like a different size portrait then those listed below, please contact me and I’ll see if I can accommodate your request and give you a quote.  Portraits will come matted in an acid free archival mat ready for you to frame.  If you would like me to frame the piece, the frame will be extra depending on the frame you select.  At this time, portraits may be picked up in person at the studio, locally delivered for a small fee, or shipped within the continental US. All portraits will be insured when shipped.  Shipping fees will be invoiced separately to the email provided at checkout.


9″ X 12″



11″ X 14″



16″ X 19″


Extra Large

19″ X 27″


Photo Tips:

  1. Thing about lighting!  Photos taken in natural indirect light without a flash captures the most accurate details.
  2. Take the photo on eye level with your pet.  Photos taken from above or below can distort the proportions which do not always look good in a portrait.
  3. The eyes are very important!  The eyes capture so much character and personality.  The better I can see the eyes the better I can capture your pet’s character.